Install Snaptube Video and Music App

Install Snaptube Video and Music App

To download it you just go to their website which is still your and then once that has downloaded don’t open it this is an apk file from the internet so you will need to go to settings and then you need to go to your security and then you need to go to the option where you have unknown sources, check that out and then once you are there you should be able to install it if it does come up sometimes it might not come up so you might want to go to your downloads where you will find it then install. So it shouldn’t take you long to install so once it’s installed you should see two apps come up we do have Snaptube the video and the music components as well.

So if you want to check out the video one you can download video from pretty much any website which hosts videos your Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, etc To download a video, just click on the download button and then you get a whole load of options of how you want to download it is very nice and then if you go to your downloads section you should see downloading in the background.

So once it has downloaded you should be able to play it as a normal video you just wait for it to finish and it usually takes a while to download sometimes a thing and once it’s done it you should then be able to find it in the files as well if you have got a file manager you should be able to navigate to it and then play it whenever you want.

Same can be said of the musical version as well so if you download your music files it will come up in the file manager too which is nice. So as I said this does work for you know all the video apps like Dailymotion, liveleak, Facebook so that is very nice.

You won’t find it on the Play Store and there are some of the options in the app that allows you want to upgrade to the ad-free version as so that might be worth considering but the free version is good enough in itself really.

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